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SpyDig is a computer performance tool with a few distinct goals. The first is to remove all traces of spyware, malware and adware that may be found on your system. The second is to offer real-time protection to help make sure that no malicious software gets downloaded to your computer in the future. The final goal is to help speed up your computer and increase its general performance in just a few short moments.


One of the best parts about SpyDig is the deep level of protection it offers to your computer. In addition to acting as a regular spyware and malware removal tool, it also offers constant protection as you go about your day on the World Wide Web. Any intrusion attempts that are detected will be immediately blocked. Competing programs often leave out real-time protection functionality.


The only real threat that SpyDig doesn’t seem capable of eliminating is that of the dreaded rootkit. A rootkit can be used by a hacker to gain access or even complete control of your system undetected. Despite this, SpyDig still offers increased protection that is more than adequate in a variety of different areas.

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Ease of Use: SpyDig can be used quite easily and efficiently to solve all spyware, adware and malware related problems. A full system scan of a computer can be initiated in just a few mouse clicks, which also holds true for more advanced features like optimizing your PC and accelerating your machine’s startup process.

Tech Support: Technical support for SpyDig is offered 24 hours a day, seven days a week via both an e-mail and live support system. Though no phone option is offered, you can engage in a live chat or send an e-mail to the SpyDig support team with any concerns. The SpyDig website also maintains a knowledge base and “Help” system that contain documents designed to address any concerns you might have while using the program.

Product updates: SpyDig updates are available on a continuing basis, though they must be manually downloaded from the product’s official website. Future versions of the software definitely need to include an “automatic” update feature built into the program itself to make sure that your computer has the most up to date levels of protection.

Real-time protection: While removing existing threats from your computer is nice, preventing new threats from infecting your machine is really the best way to make sure your machine is secure. SpyDig is more than capable of preventing illegitimate downloads and intrusions before they happen.

Custom Scans: SpyDig lets you perform custom scans of your computer to match your needs. You don’t have to scan your entire system every time you want to check on the protection levels of a particular machine. You can specify a few different options depending on your preferences and only get the results you’re actually asking for.

Identity protection: The built-in identity protection features make sure that you always have a safe and secure connection while you perform sensitive tasks like online banking or online shopping. These types of activities are prime targets for hackers as they often involve the transmission of personal information that could potentially be used to steal your identity or even empty out your checking or savings account.

Email Links Scanner: SpyDig also helps protect you against threats that may infiltrate your computer by way of your e-mail account. Malicious links and downloads that get e-mailed to you by unknown senders are no match for the protection that SpyDig offers.


The best aspect of SpyDig is its overall versatility. SpyDig is capable of removing no less than 25 different types of malicious Internet threats including key loggers, hijackers, tracking cookies, worms, mail bombers, downloaders and more. SpyDig is also capable of identifying and fixing any exploits that may currently exist in your computer.

Malicious threats are found in nearly all corners of the Internet. A site that may seem legitimate at first glance could install tracking cookies on your computer. Likewise, a pop-up advertisement that you accidentally click on could download a Trojan onto your machine. SpyDig works in two distinct ways to make sure that you don’t have to worry about these threats. Any instances of spyware, adware or malware that are found on your computer during a routine scan are instantly removed. Additionally, any spyware, adware or malware that attempts to download itself onto your computer is blocked by the real-time protection capabilities found in SpyDig.


In addition to the rootkit protection that was previously mentioned, SpyDig also lacks native support for the Windows 8 operating system. The “System Requirements” listed on the program’s website indicated that the 32-bit version of Windows Vista is a requirement, which means that the program could have certain issues protecting a machine running Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8 and even certain versions of the Windows 7 operating system.


Basic computer users are going to love both the high protection offered by SpyDig and how easy the program is to use. In just a few seconds you can make sure that your computer is completely free of all threats and take that peace of mind with you as you browse the Internet. More advanced users will definitely miss protection from serious threats like rootkits. When it comes to programs that are both easy to use and keep true to the promise of protecting a particular machine, it’s hard to find an application more suited for the job than SpyDig.

For the best results, allow SpyDig to run automatically as your computer starts up. Most computers have high speed Internet connections which enable as soon as Windows loads. As a result, even though you aren’t actively browsing the Web your computer is still online, which means it is still potentially vulnerable. Allowing SpyDig to load automatically makes sure that your computer is protected from the second you see your Microsoft Windows desktop in the morning until you go to bed each night.


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